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Lavender & Lillie

Lavender & Lillie Ngorongoro, Tanzania - Candle

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Drift to the mysterious heart of Africa, with this rich and musky Ngorongoro fragrance - to a remote dry crater in Tanzania, teaming with exotic animals and birds. This unreservedly earthy fragrance, with leather and patchouli, brings to mind the wild wonder of the dramatic landscape of East Africa, the crucible of all civilisation. Luxuriate under a magnificent tent and thrill at the distant rumble of thunder against the beat of the hypnotic Masai rhythm. The dust of the world’s largest volcanic caldera is thrown up by safari jeeps filling the air in clouds of amber rust. The heart of cedarwood echoes the sumptuous African lodges and the smoky top notes kindle memories of the embers of the open log fires.

Lavender & Lillie candles have been specially formulated and extensively tested to give you the perfect, long, clean burn. Using only the finest natural wax blend and the best cotton wick to allow our luxurious fragrance to fill your home with scent.

These generously sized, illustrated porcelain candles come with a hand crafted decorative lid to keep your candle free from dust when not in use. Each lily on top of the lids is unique.